Gammatronics Web Engine

The Gammatronics Web Engine is a Web development code and script repository. It is completely independent from all frameworks, is backwards compatible with IIS7 (in other words, Windows Server 2003-2016), and can be used with ASP.NET, MVC and ASP.NET Core frameworks as well.


  • Ultralight design
    Aside from Core Microsoft .NET modules, the Gammatronics Web Engine is not built on any other modules and extensions. This eliminates a large amount of needless abstractions during the design and run phases, creating a noticeable difference in terms of both run and compile speeds.
  • Responsive layout
    HTML5 — Compatibility with all modern browsers. Backwards compatibility all the way to IE7.
    • Contains no jQuery, AJAX, or any other script libraries – this prevents hold-ups and unhandled exceptions in the user interface.
    • Every user experience is made possible purely through css.
  • Integrated ORM data access for Microsoft SQL Server
    The repository provides it's own method of data model mapping to ensure the swift and cached data access. This enables quick rendering of views and controls, resulting in lightning fast load times for pages.
  • Expandable, claim-based identification for integrated login or registration
    The system uses its own implementation (not based on OWIN/Katana) to provide an out-of-the-box integrated login for the following external systems:
  • Multilanguage support
    Mixed language preference setting based on the user’s personal settings or the browser’s language settings
  • Output optimization
    Integrated optimization tools for faster and compact HTML-output
For backwards compatibility, the system uses the following external script libraries:

This site also runs on the Gammatronics Web Engine.