Software Development

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • Windows Phone

We offer development services to customers in the following ways:

  • on-site development (outsourcing)
  • software development on demand

We offer custom development from design to full delivery.


Opinions about quality diverge amongst market participants, developers and customers. Using the latest technologies, Gammatronics prefers developing dependable, lasting systems over quick solutions and merely following trends.
Our colleagues have several years of experience in the field of designing and developing large corporate solutions and mission-critical services.

Our most valued quality aspects:

1. Usability

user experience, features

The “what” and the “how” matter — we design our applications as if we were its' end-users.
Usability to us is the application.

2. Stability

dependable, deterministic usage with no flaws

No matter how useful an application may be, its lack of stability cripples its worth. At Gammatronics, we believe that a proper solution can be provided for a given task during the very first approach, which then works dependably and as intended.

3. Customizability

adaptability, scalability, configurability

Generally, the most important concern about custom software development is the lifetime of the investment — which, to the customer, means maintaining the possibilities for further development.
On the other hand, customization options – suitable for the client’s needs and capabilities – are hardly ever assured.
We see the various, long-term usability of an application in this.


Our Business Solutions are usually built on Microsoft infrastructure (SharePoint, Project Server, SQL Server, and Analysis Services). In addition to generic use of .NET Framework, other development platforms (Windows API, Windows SDK) and complementary technologies are also used. Our solutions often include virtualization and clustering techniques.