GTOGG GTOGG ( is an entertainment website devoted primarily to covering indie and horror games.
Our published articles – written in both English and Hungarian – include game reviews, previews, as well as interesting tidbits of news and information, primarily about freshly-released adventure games and roleplaying titles.

Our goal is to shed light on the artistic merits of video games. We firmly believe that gaming amounts to more than the stereotypical image of mindless button mashing; that it’s not just a test of reflexes and well-timed button sequences – video games are a part of our culture, a genre of sports, as well as a means of recreation and self-development.

Our mission is not only to popularize indie (that is, independently developed and published) and non-mainstream video games, but to also create an intellectual gaming community.

In addition to the written content found on the site, our team at GTOGG also produces visual content in the form of live streams, as well as entertaining videos and photo sets. We are also constantly developing various functions aimed at registered members on the website.